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Descripto 1.0.3

Make private notes on your Skype contacts in a breeze!.
As listed on Skype's App Directory and

  • Features
    • Automatic retrieval of all Skype contacts
    • Local storage of all data in XML
    • Contact selection from Skype. Clicking a contact on Skype's contact list causes Descripto to display the notes of the selected user.
    • Print service with preview for notes
    • Password protection
    • Import and export of data file
    • AES-128 encryption of data
    • Auto-save

Version: 1.0.3
Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Requirments: Latest version of Skype client
Size: 2.42mb
Package contains: descripto.exe - selt-extracting installation file
Licence: View Terms of Use
Online Readme: Click here
Privacy Statement: Descripto privacy statement
Support and bug report:
Developed with: .NET C#

Signal Netstat 2

As listed on
A stylish, quick and user-friendly tool which displays all incoming and outgoing network connections along with protocol statistics. This tool is used to for troubelshooting certain network problems. The current version has the followng features:
  • Display remote IPs along with remote hosts and remote ports.
  • Display local port and the network state of the each connection.
  • The ability to automatically refresh the connections list every few seconds.
  • The ability to block a particular connection.
  • DNS lookup and reverse DNS lookup
  • Display TCP/IP network configurations including:
    • Local IP
    • Local host name
    • Subnet mask
    • Default gateway
    • DHCP suffix
    • DNS suffix

Platform: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7 (32-bit and 64-bit),8, 10
Size: 88.0kB
Package contains: One executable file - sn2.exe
Licence: View Terms of Use
Developed with: VC++

Inersi MapleGraph v. 1.0.b

Interactive Data Visualization
Link: Inersi MapleGraph
Interactive data visualization using JQuery and Raphael JS Libray which uses SVG and VML. Data is fetched from a JSON file.

Version: 1.0.b
Platform: Web based Visualization
Developed with: Javascript, JQuery, RaphaelJS

Currently not available

Inersi Echo 1.0.a - Facebook Application

Add smart auto-responses to your Facebook wall for free
Link: Inersi Echo
Let Inersi Echo transfer your Facebook wall into a super intelligent interactive forum. Echo is essentially a bot that reads and responds to your friends' comments on your wall in real-time and for free.
Version: 1.0.2
Platform: Web based Facebook application
Developed with: Java, PHP and MySQL

This project is currently offline, contact us for a demo