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  The following featured program is free, it is tested on Windows 98SE, 2000, XP, Vista and 7. For information on terms of use please click on the Term of Use link at the bottom of the page.

Signal Netstat 2

A stylish, quick and user-friendly tool that displays all the incoming and outgoing network connections with protocol statistics which is used to for finding network problems.The current version has the followng features:
  • Display of remote IPs along with remote hosts and remote ports.
  • Display local port and the network state of the connection.
  • The ability to automatically refresh the connections list every few seconds.
  • The ability to block a particular connection.
  • DNS lookup and reverse DNS lookup
  • View current TCP/IP network configuration including:
    • Local IP
    • Local host name
    • Subnet mask
    • Default gateway
    • DHCP suffix
    • DNS suffix

Platform: Windows 98,2000,XP, Vista, 7
Size: 88.0kB
Licence: Freeware